Adult Ministries

One of the chief aims of the church is to facilitate changed lives--where people experience the truth of God, and that truth invites spiritual maturity, productivity, joy, and peace.  The activity of adult ministry focuses on small groups and classes.  

  • SUNDAY CLASSES (9:00am to 9:50am)

    Discipleship (spiritual growth) requires a study and implementation of God's Word.  At Racine Assembly of God, we provide Bible Classes where participants learn biblical truths in a discussion oriented format.  You can discover what classes are available, and when they meet through the In-Fellowship Portal.  Most classes are 13 weeks long and begin September, December, March, and June (although you can begin a class at any time.  Click here to access current class topics and schedules.


  • WEDNESDAY CLASSES (6:30pm to 8:00pm)

    From September to June, the church offers opportunities for spiritual development through Bible Study and Intercessory Prayer.  Click here for study notes and other resources.


    Biblical discipleship (Christian spiritual growth) best happens within the context of a small group.  Here at Racine Assembly of God, we provide a variety of Life Groups that usually meet in someone's home or at church  for fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. Click on the link here to get to the Life Groups page.  You can  contact the church office for additional information or help.